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“Blossoming Confidence” is your personal guided workbook to inner strength. It’s like having your own cheerleader, whispering encouragement and soul-searching questions to guide you.

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Agnes de Bezenac

Hi there,

As a creator of resources for life coaches and well-being materials for individuals, I blend self-care with art to help women discover their inner strength. 

My approach isn’t about pushing harder but embracing a joyful journey toward physical and emotional balance, especially during the transformative stages of mid-life. 

Join me in discovering beautiful ways to thrive and celebrate each season of life with joy and creativity.

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Ways I enjoy serving you


Guided journals, workbooks, and planners, to get you started in taking better care of yourself.


PDF pintables related to self-care.

Wellness party

A wellness party is a fun way to pamper the mind, body, & soul through group activities.


Well-being video courses with practical ideas and simple routines that inspire a balanced life.

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What is well-being?

  • Thriving with joy and positivity by embracing a balanced lifestyle.
  • Physical and emotional practices that light you up and bring inner peace.
  • Cultivating self-kindness, compassion, confidence, and meaningful relationships.
  • Nurturing resilience and a positive mindset while feeling good about yourself inside and out.

What people say

"...just what I was looking for - a good way to combine my two favorite self-cares, art and journaling. I really appreciate the emphasis on taking time to reflect... not striving for perfection."
"So easy to talk with. Personable with a kind and gentle approach. I have found new inspiration and a fresh look at how I care for myself. "
"A beautiful experience. Agnes' courses are packed with great content and very therapeutic. Sweet and compassionate."