A Little Self-care Pampering

Self-care for me today was taking a little extra time to put on my make-up. Some days I go without it, some days, actually most days I do it as quick as possible, just because I don’t like to spend so much time on myself. But today I needed that little gift of pampering, that little extra blush or eye color to make the inner me sparkle just a tad more. A little extra confidence & shine to those winkles that are just proof of a heart full of joy. And it feels great!

I also decided to wear something totally new and different! New as in that I’ve never paired up my shirt, sweater & shorts this way before. New that it felt like inner me was a little more daring & expressive today, wishing to come out of its shell or willing to give some added flare & creativity to its usual casual style. It still felt so me because it come from within.

And Self-Care is really checking in about everything, even those very physical/practical things. Because it affects how I feel about myself and then what I tell myself and ultimately what I choose to do for myself. Do I treat myself to a little mid-day pause? Do I take a few minutes for some meditation time or for a workout video? Do I deserve an extra piece of chocolate? When I check in and listen to my intuition, I usually get a pretty good idea of what I need in the moment.