A Self-Care Affirmations Box

Self-care for me today was creating a little affirmation box for myself. I labeled each tiny drawer as one aspect of my self-care. Mental, emotional, spiritual, practical, physical, professional, social.

Now I have space for all the gentle words & positive affirmations I want to tell myself, or a quick pick-me-up or a gentle reminder that I’m growing & making progress, yet at the same time totally accepting & approving of myself where I’m today. Creating this box was like my play time or my “artist date” for myself.

My self-care needs that too, once in a while, a time to enjoy and let loose. A time of no-planning, no result in mind, no big endeavour, no accomplishment, maybe nothing at all. I didn’t HAVE to do this little box-thingy. No one told me to. No one expected it of me. No one gave me the idea. I got it all on my own. Haha, I sound like me as a little girl, so proud to have thought of a brand new idea as if I were a new invention of some sort. As crazy as it sounds, I am kind of proud that because I’m paying attention to self-care in my life, I’m getting all these little creative ideas to spice up my space, or to include into my daily routines. It’s those little things that make life more exciting, cause I don’t know what will come next.

And so how and when do I use this box? No special skill needed to open the drawer and read out one or two papers and reflect on it. Sometimes I go “Eeny meeny miny moe” to decide which one to focus on. Other times I have a special intuition or wish. And I pick out the first paper and then mix them up again after. It’s always a pleasant surprise to see how incredibly fitting they are to what I’m going through or experiencing at the moment.