A start to the new season

Self-care for me today was choosing picture frames for my new (made-over) art studio. I think it’s such a great idea to start a new season (or even a new project) with a little change-around somewhere in my home, that helps me feel new or extra cozy or playful. Whether it’s switching out pillowcases, plants, pictures… those simple things that I can play around with, that I don’t even need to splurge on. I like to even keep a few treasures that I change with the seasons.

It helps remind me that there are seasons for my self-care too. Is it a month of slowing down and extra rest and reflection, alone time? Or more excitement, more social gatherings and events, play and fun? Is it a cozy, stay-home season or the more adventurous-and-challenging-myself-to-new-goals type of season? I’m learning to sit still and listen within, then I’m attentive and aware of what I really need.

Well, these frames are at the moment scattered all over the floor, waiting to be put up on the wall, as I still think & plan out where I want to place each one, and even what I will put into each one.

Each detail of this process is working towards my good for self-care, I know it! It’s taking “me” time, but time is of the essence in this vast lesson of self-care. Giving myself time to choose, make decisions, to imagine, to feel, as I am reminded how important my surroundings are to my well-being.