Certified Wellness Coach

Agnes de Bezenac

I feel it’s especially important to tune in to what our bodies are telling us as we age and get close to the menopausal stage of life. It can be a complicated time, a difficult time for some, but also a beautiful time, and the perfect moment to thrive as we learn to bring more balance and harmony into our lives.

Life is not meant to just be “lived”. Life is meant to be enjoyed and cherished in all seasons. I love to bring a touch of beauty in a way that helps us tune into our bodies in a more gentle and kind way. It’s not ignoring pain, sadness or fears… it’s tuning into them, to gain wisdom and guidance from each experience, that brings us to the process of feeling more joy.

So let’s find creative ways together, to invite in this joy, love and care into our lives, navigating tough decisions and allowing ourselves to shine in our own special way.

My favorite way to do this is inviting you to my “well-ness Parties”. Yup, it’s just that, a party. Because why not?
We play, we create, we talk, we craft, we dance… alongside our favorite art supplies and healthy snacks. We do what we love, all the while hearing our hearts shout for joy and congratulating us for finally taking the time to pay attention to our own well-being.
We listen to our hearts and we tune into our bodies… telling us what are those most loving things for us to do… as we age.

If you’d like a friendly self-care chit-chat...

My mission is to

equip women to…

Find more peace, calm
and balance in their lives.

Figure out what wellness
means for them personally.

Practice some self-care
routines into their daily lives.

Live a more fulfilling
and meaningful life.

Take better care of themselves, both physically and emotionally.

Include some fun and
creativity along the way.

My core values

These act as my guides through the journey of intentional self-care and well-being:

  • Gratitude. I do a mental inventory of all that I have which helps me realize that I am blessed. Gratitude gives way to…
  • Simplicity, the desire to clear out, get rid of some things that no longer serve me, and discover the essentials of what I really need. It brings…
  • Order, both internally and externally. A sense of order in my life brings me more… 
  • Harmony, which provides me with the inner peace and balance I need to accept the…
  • Beauty in myself and to more fully appreciate it around me. Embracing beauty opens me up to more…
  • Joy, which is the glue that holds it all together. I love to sprinkle joy into every aspect of my self-care routines.


My story

For a long time, I didn’t know what it meant to take care of myself. Actually I derived immense joy and satisfaction from taking care of “everyone else”, and I pushed myself, and overworked to try to meet everyone’s needs and expectations. In the process, I ignored my own feelings and emotions, ultimately my own needs. This worked for a while, but eventually I became exhausted and unable to continue to give from my reserves. I had nothing left.

I realized that ignoring my own needs for self-care, or forgetting to take time for myself wasn’t an option anymore, and neither was it the solution to continue to help others or to accomplished more either. On the contrary. One thing after another suffered because I wasn’t paying attention to my physical and emotional well-being. I experienced a burn out, I became depressed and had no energy or will to do anything. I was in so much physical and emotional pain…

Until I learned what self-care was all about. I learned how important it was. I learned that it wasn’t “selfish” but it was a necessity, if I was going to continue to do anything. So, for the next couple years I was going to make “self-care” my number one priority, no matter what it took. I did a lot of inner work and inner healing, which eventually cleared up some physical health issues as well. Instead of seeing this as some “end result” or “final destination”, I saw it as a “journey” I was on, which helped me actually learn how to enjoy the process, rather than rush through it.

I began to experiment, explore and discover so many amazing things along the way, about myself, about self-care, about feeling well. I started incorporating creative joy-filled activities and simple moments along the way, in the different aspects of self-care I wanted to work on. From expressing my feelings and emotions, to making time to do those things that lit me up, or that I loved. From building new habits to finding simple routines that worked for me…

Since then, my life has changed. I’ve become a new person, inside and out. Today I’m sharing some of my discoveries and biggest Aha moments learned on this wellness journey, in my quest to find renewed joy, energy and inspiration, gratitude, harmony and peace. It all stemmed from paying attention to, and finding ways to welcome in more simple and joyful self-care practices into my life.

I feel that the world could do better with a few more of us paying attention to our health and well-being. If taking care of ourselves can help to make the world a happier place, what’s holding us back?

I encourage you too, to find that thing that sparks JOY and that helps you come alive! Through my courses and wellness parties I encourage you to find your own path, to personalize self-care routines and practices that work for YOU, to maybe try out a slower and more mindful pace of living, in order to feel at your best and give of your best to others.