5 ways to care for yourself after a busy weekend

We all have those busy weekends once in a while. It happens whether we want it or not. So how can we best take care of ourselves afterwards? Below are a few things that have helped me in this area, and that you may want to try out: 1. Give … READ MORE

Listen to your body

Self care for me today was taking it extra slow and carefully. I woke up with dizzy spells and it lingered for the whole day. What I had planned to be a real productive day, turned into a very slow, almost a do-nothing, could-do-nothing day. What a disappointment! Or NOT? … READ MORE

Turn off the outside voices

Self-care for me today was taking a good long break from social media. Actually, not just for today, but for this whole past month & a half. What a life-changer it’s been. I’ve listed here 7 benefits from this time away: 1. Less consumption of outside noise and clutter, I’ve … READ MORE

Surprise yourself

Self-care for me today was surprising myself to what the day would bring. No pre-planned program or agenda, no expectations for myself, no obligations or to-do lists, no timetable or deadline… just sitting back and seeing where the day goes, where my heart leads. This was freedom at its utmost. … READ MORE

Delightful self-care pleasures

Self-care for me today was trying out a new recipe for my no-lectin meal plan. I let it happen, I let it be, without feeling selfish or guilty that it wasn’t making it for the rest of my family. I cook them different “special meals”, but once in a while … READ MORE

Happy birthday Self-care!

Self-care for me today was reflecting on my new birthday year. At first, I got on line to get a few ideas from others about how they planned their birthday and new year, looking at their beautifully illustrated bullet journals or fancy decorated planners… But I got stuck. How was … READ MORE

Make today not just “any other day”!

Self-care for me today was putting on some nail-polish. I do this very rarely, I don’t like it for every day use, lots of chemicals and all. But today was not just “any day”. Today was ME day. Self-care treat day, where I could go above & beyond in my … READ MORE

A start to the new season

Self-care for me today was choosing picture frames for my new (made-over) art studio. I think it’s such a great idea to start a new season (or even a new project) with a little change-around somewhere in my home, that helps me feel new or extra cozy or playful. Whether … READ MORE

A Self-Care Affirmations Box

Self-care for me today was creating a little affirmation box for myself. I labeled each tiny drawer as one aspect of my self-care. Mental, emotional, spiritual, practical, physical, professional, social. Now I have space for all the gentle words & positive affirmations I want to tell myself, or a quick … READ MORE