Self-Care Wishes Granted

Self-care for me today was allowing myself time to do a little office make-over. Yay, now getting to actually “animate” my doodles from the other day. Not a grandiose/expensive one renovation, but a “looking around my house & picking out what I didn’t use anymore in certain spaces” type of … READ MORE

Doodles for Self-Care

Self-care for me today was doodling in my journal about those things I love or wish for, for my office. I want it to match the new me I’m evolving into & I want to add a little more of me into my space too. So today was me paying … READ MORE

A Little Self-care Pampering

Self-care for me today was taking a little extra time to put on my make-up. Some days I go without it, some days, actually most days I do it as quick as possible, just because I don’t like to spend so much time on myself. But today I needed that … READ MORE

Self-care Consumed

Self-care for me today was the realization that I’m all “self-care” consumed these days, and that’s okay. Any new vocabulary word or new piece of art I create, new idea or inspiration, any added piece of décor to my space, anything I read or fill up on, I ask myself … READ MORE

High-heels for my Self-care

What do high-heels and Self-care have in common? Well, self-care for me today was wearing a pair of high heels that I never wore before. I’ve been saving them for a “more important” occasion, or for “the perfect” event, and they’ve been sitting on my shelf for over a year … READ MORE

My translation of JOY

Self-care for me today was looking at JOY just a little differently, and relating it to my self-care journey. JOY spells out for me: Just Open Yourself. Cause I open myself to new thrills, beauties, feelings & experiences, new creations, new ideas, even new little moves forward as I step … READ MORE

Self-care Unique to You

Before I start posting some of my own creative journey experiences through self-care, I wanted to reiterate the fact that self-care is so vast, depending on how we look at it, how we feel, what we are experiencing… When I start thinking about self-care, I realize that it really affects … READ MORE

The start of my self-care journey

To get started, I wanted to include here what I thought about self-care 2 years ago. The funny thing is that I didn’t know there was such a thing. So here goes, a little back in time to one of my journal entries: “I watched a Youtube video today, from … READ MORE

Why the need for self-care?

So yes, I left off last time with my little secret, of what happened next…What came next was a slow and steady recovery process. This is what I’ll be sharing here on this blog and all my posts to come. Some of my realizations, discoveries about myself, the ups and … READ MORE

Welcome to my self-care blog

This is my first blog post ever and I’m a bit uncomfortable starting it. But who is ever totally courageous, comfortable and confident about starting something different and new or maybe scary? Well then, why am I doing it, you may ask? In order to answer that I’m going to … READ MORE