Easy video lessons, offering step-by-step guidance to enhance your life.

10 days of self-care doodling

This course focuses on creating 10 doodle self-care pages. We will explore a few aspects of self-care, create meaningful art to document your progress over time, and chart gentle reminders of how to take better care of yourself.

Letter Writing for Your Self-Care

We write letters to a best friend, child or partner. Why not write yourself a letter with the encouragement that you want to hear?

Moving Clouds - Emotional Ups and Downs

Create a visual aids to help cultivate new habits, encourage compassion and personal growth. Enjoy an artsy activity for your self-care. Also available as a book here.

Solid rock self-care reminders

Carve out some time for an emotional reset by creating solid rock reminders to list your self-care goals or wishes.

Develop compassion

Learning to incorporate new positive words into your vocabulary, and gain a new perspective on your to-do lists. Grow into building new habits with gentle awareness and loads of compassion. Comes with a downloadable page.

Emotional self-care crafts

Learn how to use your creative skills to manage intense emotions and develop a self-care practice to promote mental health.

Physical self-care crafts

Learn creative ways to help find a little more peace, take better care of yourself, boost productivity, and do more of what matters.

Create a Meaningful Paper Craft Collage Journal

A toolkit of skills to relax with, as you invite loads of creativity. Equip yourself with an extra dose of mindfulness as you get curious about what lights you up, as you express yourself through art.

How to Organize Creative Ideas

A great way to stay focused and motivated with your goals and stay organized.

The Business Plan for Visual Learners

Want to clarify your business or service idea? This course will help you sort through your thoughts creatively organize them into a booklet template I’ve created for you.

Crafting a Meaningful Travel Journal

Capture the essence of your travels in a creative and profound journal.