Listen to your body

Self care for me today was taking it extra slow and carefully. I woke up with dizzy spells and it lingered for the whole day. What I had planned to be a real productive day, turned into a very slow, almost a do-nothing, could-do-nothing day. What a disappointment! Or NOT?

Self care was actually being very ACCEPTING of it, and allowing for this quiet and slow pace. I don’t do that very often, so it was a good “excuse”, that “my body told me to do it”.

Actually, whatever I tired to do, turned out to not be so good for my dizzy head. I walked into a few doors and almost hit my head on some walls a few times. It felt like I was falling out the window when I went to air out my bedroom… It would have freaked me out, if I hadn’t allowed it to “be okay”, because that’s what hormones do to you sometimes, at some point in your life. Of course, I verified that it was not too “abnormal” nor dangerous in any way (and when it would be the time to see a skilled person on the matter)…

And the reason for the slow pace, was to actually be able to pay attention to and listen to my body, what was it telling me at different points or different activities of the day. I understand what I needed/could do when I got real dizzy. Did it feel better outside or inside the house? Or when I was active, sitting down or laying down? While looking at a screen, or reading a book? I was attentive to all these cues throughout the day and so it made the day not to difficult to bear.

Then I took a good long rest after lunch. It took 3 tries to get up again. One, felt like I was going to fall. Two felt like I was not going to stand straight. And three… 3 was better, yet I took it real slow again.

So, now looking back on my day…

Everything happened in moderation.
Everything was allowing for more “connection” with my body.
And thus I was able to make better decisions for my self-care.
A slow day allowed for more peace and calm.
More intention and even more meaning.
And to top it off, at the end of the day, I didn’t feel guilt for not accomplishing or being more productive. I actually felt satisfied and contented, that I had done the right thing for me in the moment.

When you have some disappointment, or change of plans, or a health issue… ask yourself, what are those things you can do/or take, that will actually benefit you and your self-care?