Surprise yourself

Self-care for me today was surprising myself to what the day would bring. No pre-planned program or agenda, no expectations for myself, no obligations or to-do lists, no timetable or deadline… just sitting back and seeing where the day goes, where my heart leads.

This was freedom at its utmost. This was fun! Me as a little child again, not bound by rules or limitations of any kind, not even feelings of what others may think or expect from me. I could just be myself & let me “be”! I could explore new ideas & creations just for the fun of it, with no other result in mind, no specific project, no goal or resolution other than to pay attention to me & my self-care ALL DAY LONG.

When was the last time you had a “no plan” day? How would it feel like, to be able to take one? One way to help get you going in that direction TODAY is to write yourself a STOP DOING list”, with at least 3 things on it.