A Little Self-care Pampering

Self-care for me today was taking a little extra time to put on my make-up. Some days I go without it, some days, actually most days I do it as quick as possible, just because I don’t like to spend so much time on myself. But today I needed that … READ MORE

Self-care Consumed

Self-care for me today was the realization that I’m all “self-care” consumed these days, and that’s okay. Any new vocabulary word or new piece of art I create, new idea or inspiration, any added piece of décor to my space, anything I read or fill up on, I ask myself … READ MORE

Self-care Unique to You

Before I start posting some of my own creative journey experiences through self-care, I wanted to reiterate the fact that self-care is so vast, depending on how we look at it, how we feel, what we are experiencing… When I start thinking about self-care, I realize that it really affects … READ MORE