Surprise yourself

Self-care for me today was surprising myself to what the day would bring. No pre-planned program or agenda, no expectations for myself, no obligations or to-do lists, no timetable or deadline… just sitting back and seeing where the day goes, where my heart leads. This was freedom at its utmost. … READ MORE

Self-care Consumed

Self-care for me today was the realization that I’m all “self-care” consumed these days, and that’s okay. Any new vocabulary word or new piece of art I create, new idea or inspiration, any added piece of décor to my space, anything I read or fill up on, I ask myself … READ MORE

High-heels for my Self-care

What do high-heels and Self-care have in common? Well, self-care for me today was wearing a pair of high heels that I never wore before. I’ve been saving them for a “more important” occasion, or for “the perfect” event, and they’ve been sitting on my shelf for over a year … READ MORE