Make today not just “any other day”!

Self-care for me today was putting on some nail-polish. I do this very rarely, I don’t like it for every day use, lots of chemicals and all. But today was not just “any day”. Today was ME day. Self-care treat day, where I could go above & beyond in my … READ MORE

A start to the new season

Self-care for me today was choosing picture frames for my new (made-over) art studio. I think it’s such a great idea to start a new season (or even a new project) with a little change-around somewhere in my home, that helps me feel new or extra cozy or playful. Whether … READ MORE

Doodles for Self-Care

Self-care for me today was doodling in my journal about those things I love or wish for, for my office. I want it to match the new me I’m evolving into & I want to add a little more of me into my space too. So today was me paying … READ MORE