Turn off the outside voices

Self-care for me today was taking a good long break from social media. Actually, not just for today, but for this whole past month & a half. What a life-changer it’s been. I’ve listed here 7 benefits from this time away:

1. Less consumption of outside noise and clutter, I’ve learned to create from within.
2. It has allowed my inner voice to speak up in the most fulfilling way ever. I’ve had time to question myself and hear my heart desires and longings.
3. It’s led me to some dazzling moments of crafting and art, beneficial to me & my self-care.
4. It’s opened my eyes and given me more clarity to who I really am or who I want to me, instead of consumed with people-pleasing and what I think I should be.
5. More joy, less comparing. Comparing is a joy-killer for me and only leaves me feeling empty or discontent with my life or my talents and skills.
6. More time, less scrolling. I now have time for some of the things I really want to do and prioritize.
7. More peace, less pushing to always be or do something else. I feel a sense of calm and acceptance, that I’m enough.

Do you think a little social media break could do your self-care some good too? Try it out and let me know the benefits that you’ve found in your own life.