Wellness Party

A Wellness Party is a joyful gathering of women, featuring activities and conversation starters that nurture the mind, body, and soul. Each party kit, available in print or as a PDF download, includes a variety of talking games and activities designed to encourage deeper connections and inspiration.

Want to host your own wellness party?

A Wellness Party is a fun way to discover the meaning of self-care, as we focus on intentionally and mindfully growing in the areas that we feel we would like to prioritize in our own lives. It’s also an enjoyable and affordable way to pamper your Mind, Body, & Soul all while enjoying the company of friends and family.
You get to choose from a variety of types or styles of activities that support your well-being.
Doing it together in this joyful atmosphere takes out the “work” of self-care, and instead “lights us up” into welcoming what it is that is good for us. We get to find our own little “spark of joy” that gets us onto this journey of giving ourselves more love and care.
If you’ve been so good at giving and sacrificing your own needs and wants for the sake of others, for so long that you can’t even remember the last time you did something for yourself that felt really good… then this party is for you! If you’re starting to see and experience changes in your body, as you age, and it’s a little concern (or a big worry)… then this is also the place for you.

This is all about learning to love and accept ourselves, where we are at today. When we can begin to love ourselves fully, flaws and all, we can love others better. Self-love not only makes a significant impact on us personally, but it also makes a huge difference in others in our lives.
And one way we will practice loving ourselves more is to treat ourselves to this party,(Who doesn’t feel better with a party?) along with some gifts of tender loving self-care. Why? Because today we can’t afford NOT to do it. As we age, we need to make ourselves apriority so that we can feel good about ourselves and about our bodies changing… and most of all so that we can thrive!
Self-care is not more discipline or more to-do’s; instead it’s experiencing more ease and balance as you find tools that give you freedom to meet life changes in a beautiful sort of way.
Self-care is falling in love with taking care of yourself, falling in love with the path of feeling well on the inside and out. Falling in love with becoming the best version of yourself, with patience, respect and compassion to your own journey.
The best thing of all… we get to encourage and inspire each other on. We delve into activities and discussions loaded with self-love, mindfulness and bunches of joy. This space is a sweet safe haven to come back to for moments of rest, checking in and becoming aware of your own needs and delights, so that you can feel healthy and whole, physically and emotionally.
You will spend time learning how to be kind to yourself, and then you get to help each other find what they love about themselves, too! There’s nothing quite as rewarding as a party that encourages positive thoughts and personal growth, and helps you love yourself! That’s my kind of personal development!
So it’s time to nourish your body, you mind and soul in the most loving ways possible. I can’t wait to hear about your joyful experiences!


We gather together in a safe and loving space
Deep connections & joys experienced face to face.
We share our hearts, our hopes and our dreams.
Self-care, compassion and joy far supremes.
Our bodies are open to loving nourishments
Our minds free to delve into deep reflections
Our spirits soar as they feel deep connections
No matter where we’re at, or the complexions.
We converse, we write, we play, we even create
We relax, unwind and flow into a joyful state.
A chance to reset and re-align our wellness priorities
There are no “should’s” or “have-to’s” in these wellness parties.

Only a chance to welcome in true joys and deep fun
A habit of treating ourselves to love and care has begun.
So many ideas of games, discussions and experiences to share
Agnes has done so much of the work; it’s all there.
Just a click and a download away,
Some cutting out and it’s ready to play.
There’s nothing keeping your lady friends from feeling restored
Because by hosting your own wellness party, you’ve totally scored.
It takes the “work” out of self-care and personal development
It just happens, even if you’re not working towards self-improvement.

The deep connections and loving support between you and friends
Is what you get to take away with you when the party ends.
You feel the warmth, the care, the thrill of being authentically you.

That’s only a tiny part of what a joy-filled and wellness party can do.
You have to try it for yourself to know what you can experience for real
The “lighting up” the “overloads”, the “replenishing” that you can feel.
I’m leaving you now, to get started on some party planning
As you get excited and enjoy the process of “self-caring”.
So be your own party and others will soon catch on
As they notice and see the good that carries on.